In natural look, Pests are cute, lovely, colorful….etc. They live their own way in daily life just like other Human being and Animals. But here in recent research said (Damage cause by pest is more than a million dollar every day in the world, pest also cause human sick by spreading disease from animal to human and from human to human, they cause human died every day approximately 10 peoples per day from all around the world. The major damage causes by pest are:

Economic damage can be anything from termites gnawing through the boards in your house to cabbage maggots chewing through the roots of the cabbage in your garden. The most important thing to consider is whether pest problems will damage the value of your house or cause it to become dangerous for your family and your business.

Aesthetic damage occurs when "the mere presence of a plant or animal causes an undesirable change in the appearance of something". Typically, these kinds of pest infestations do not cause economic damage; rather they simply do not fit into what the family perceives as aesthetically pleasing. You may want to think twice about bringing in an exterminator or applying dangerous pesticides to deal with these kinds of problems.

Medical damage typically refers to diseases that can be transferred from animals or insects to people. Wildlife that could be considered beneficial or desirable may transmit such things as Lyme disease or malaria. It is important to regard these cases very seriously.

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