Jamson has been providing pest control products and cleaning services since establishing and commencing its business operation in Cambodia in 2009.

For pest management services, Jamson is operating under a license of ISPM 15 (Code: KH-001) issued by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia in 2011. It was the first company that were officially registered with and recognized by the government and company’s professional technicians have been well trained and guided by local and international specialists.

Jamson is very careful and highly responsible company by importing and providing high quality pest control products from world famous suppliers such as Bayer, Ensystex, Sherwood, Exterminex, Delchem, etc.

From our business operation and working experiences for about 10 years in Cambodia,  Jamson has been expanding very fast in order to meet fast-growing demand of our customers.

We are seriously taking into consideration of comments and feedbacks from our customers in order to serve them better and for mutual growth and benefits..


Pest free and clean living and working environment


Providing the highest quality pest control products and cleaning services


Becoming a leading and trust-worthy company